The Start

This conference is born from a dream…

After I was confronted with the suffering church, I longed to do something for the first generation christians in these countries. So I started to pray for this desire.

One night God gave me a dream. He showed me what we could do. The program, where we work with a lot of creative exersises, was also a covering to be able to work and travel safe. 

Our first womens conference was in 2011. After this conference other countries reached out to us for the program in their country and language. Since 2015 the conference expanded with a mensprogram. We train local people with the goal to have the program independent in their own country and language.  

Also in the Netherlands (where the program was founded) there was a desire for the program. The dream is elaborated to a four day conference, with teaching, encouragement, healing and deliverance embedded. We also developed a course which can be given in churches or small groups. The course is given in multiple nights and a weekend.

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