I delight greatly in the LORD; my soul rejoices in my God.

Isaiah 61 : 10


for joy?

Do you also long to experience the joy written in Isaiah? Do you want to discover Gods dreams for you? Do you long for encouragement, healing and to be set free?

Dream and Live is a program that inspired and touched a lot of people. The program is built around the story of the biblical Joseph with his colored coat. Many situations of the life of Joseph are still relevant and actual in our own lives. That is why we still can learn a lot of the story of Joseph. The examples of the themes the program teaches are: identity, marriage/being single, family life, temptation, listening to the voice of God and forgiveness.

‘It has been good for my marriage.’



The program is built around general teachings, sharing in small groups and individual personal growing through creativity and prayer. Next to the examples from the life of Joseph, our teachers share testimonies from their own life. All these testimonies are personal and are related to the theme of the given teachings.

Course or conference?

There are two options to do the program. It can be given as a conference or a course. The program is the same, but the form is different.


A conference takes for days. You set apart these four days for God. Together with other participants, you are in a conference setting. Your daily life is distant, so you can focus on God.

There are no distractions and you are able to go deep. Our experience is that the conference gives you the most value.


The course can have different kinds of forms. You can do it in eight nights and a weekend, or four weeks every Saturday. A course is more flexible.

Many times, a course is given in a church or a small group. The financial costs can be less this way. To be able to go deep into your process, there will be given homework in a special workbook.


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