Dream & Live

The Dream & Live program is a four-day creative encouragement for the worldwide church. We long to see men and women receive healing and restoration, and learn to live in freedom in Christ. Our inspiration comes from Isaiah 61: 10.

“I delight greatly in the Lord, my soul rejoices in my God. For He has clothed me with garments of salvation, and arrayed me in a robe of His righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.” 

The life of Joseph and his family forms the programs storyline. We encounter Joseph as his father’s beloved son, wearing a beautiful robe. Stripped from his coloured robe, Joseph wears the robe of a slave, serving as priest and prophet. Finally, we see Joseph wearing the robe of a king, forgiving his brothers, serving God for a greater purpose; saving the lives of many. Joseph’s different robes stand for the spiritual growth in his new identity, a growth in living the dream that God had for him, despite all circumstances. The program makes use of a fine-tuned balance of teaching, testimonies, drama, group discussion and creativity. All aimed at guiding the participant in processing wounds from the past, bringing all these memories and experiences to Jesus, and taking steps in a life of freedom in him. 

“God touched my heart! I was able to let go of fear and receive Gods love.”

A dream from God
How a dream of God can grow into a beautiful life-healing program that has already encouraged and healed hundreds of people: that is the story of the Joseph project.

It started with the desire
Together with my husband I have been allowed to serve the Lord in Central Asia for a number of years. The Christians there live under great pressure and often experience difficulties because of their faith. When we were expelled from the country, I thought I would never be able to return. Back in the Netherlands, however, my heart continued to go out to Central Asia and the desire remained to be able to do something for the first generation of Christians there. One day, our friend Rianne, who had also worked in Central Asia, received a request from one of the women to come back. The need was great. People were being imprisoned for their faith and there were many house searches under those just coming to faith in Christ. There was an urgent need for teaching and healing. 

Together we brought this request to God in prayer: perhaps He could create an opportunity to return to Central Asia. One night I received a dream, a Divine dream. God showed me what we could do there. He gave me the whole elaborate story of Joseph and his family, with many creative activities incorporated into it. In addition to being used as a processing form, these activities could also serve as a cover for working safely in Central Asia, because giving Christian education in these countries is forbidden. Together we have developed the dream into a four-day conference in which education, encouragement, processing and healing are interwoven.

In 2011 we gave the first conference with a team of Dutch women to Central Asian women. It did not stop there; God had bigger plans. Again and again, we received requests for conferences in variouscountries in Central Asia. Since then, several conferences have been held, by varying teams of Dutch women and men. Though we started with a focus on the women, since 2015, this conference is also given to men. Because of the everincreasing demand that organizing the conferences and the travel to completely different cultures began to make on the group of volunteers who were fully dependent on financially sponsoring, we started teaching and training local teams in Central Asia. The study material from the Joseph project has now been translated into several languages and several local teams are now active. The blessing of this conference is spreading like oil through different countries. God is at work, equipping His church.

“The way to forgiveness has opened for me. Jesus is great!”

In the Netherlands too

In the Netherlands there was also a need for the specific program of Dream & Live. After a few years of organizing women’s conferences only, a course for men and women started at the beginning of 2018. The course is given in several evenings and a short weekend instead of the four-day conference. In addition, the entire program has been worked out in a beautiful workbook, with a separate manual for the team members who lead the conference or course. In this way the Dream & Live program can reach more and more people and change many lives. It is amazing what a wonderful dream can all bring about. All thanks and honor to God! His ways are wonderful and reliable.

I personally describe the course as: ‘Experiencing God’s Word of truth by the Holy Spirit, seeking spiritual restoration & healing by extensive in-depth examination of the Biblical story of Joseph & his family applied to our own lives. Personal life stories are examined in light of Scripture. Scripture is experienced through Bible story, drama, discussion, music, arts, crafts, dance, eating together, community time, prayer alone, prayer with others and rest/meditation. 

This conference is exactly what my people need. I want spiritually healthy brothers and sisters, not ones that are walking around crippled and broken emotionally from their past. I could talk to any one of the participants and would only hear wonderful things of how God used our time together to open hearts and bring healing to pains that had been hidden away

but which had been eating away them, blocking their growth in Christ. This conference was a milestone in the spiritual lives of these men and women and they can’t stop talking about how God has used it for His glory.

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