The course of the Joseph Program can have different formats. For example: Eight nights and a weekend, or four weeks every Saturday. A course format is very flexible. In many cases the course is given in a church or small group. This way the financial costs are lower. To be able to go deep into the material, like in a conference, you make homework in a special workbook. 

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“God touched my heart! I was able to let go of fear and receive Gods love.”


I personally describe the course as: ‘Experiencing God’s Word of truth by the Holy Spirit, seeking spiritual restoration & healing by extensive in-depth examination of the Biblical story of Joseph & his family applied to our own lives. Personal life stories are examined in light of Scripture. Scripture is experienced through Bible story, drama, discussion, music, arts, crafts, dance, eating together, community time, prayer alone, prayer with others and rest/meditation. 


“The way to forgiveness has opened for me. Jesus is great!”

This conference is exactly what my people need. I want spiritually healthy brothers and sisters, not ones that are walking around crippled and broken emotionally from their past. I could talk to any one of the participants and would only hear wonderful things of how God used our time together to open hearts and bring healing to pains that had been hidden away

but which had been eating away them, blocking their growth in Christ. This conference was a milestone in the spiritual lives of these men and women and they can’t stop talking about how God has used it for His glory.


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